Innovation for Change: EDSATopup and the Sierra Leone Electricity Challenge

Sierra Leone’s electricity crisis is a pressing issue that significantly impacts daily life, economic growth, and national development. The country’s power infrastructure is underdeveloped, leading to frequent blackouts and a limited reach of the national grid. For Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora, understanding and addressing this crisis is not just a matter of national […]


EDSA Sierra Leone is a government-owned corporation that is responsible for the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity in Sierra Leone. EDSA is an acronym meaning, Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority. This Government corporation has the mandate to providing electricity to the people of Sierra Leone. However, the country still faces significant challenges in meeting […]

Electricity meter top-ups in Sierra Leone

Sending electricity meter top-ups to relatives in Sierra Leone has become an increasingly popular way of supporting loved ones, both financially and emotionally. With the widespread use of prepaid electricity meters, the convenience of topping up someone’s electricity meter remotely is now a reality. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of sending […]

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